Monday, July 29, 2013

Proud to be a Ponder!

There is something noble about the draft horse breeds. They're dedicated workers who are bred for hard, heavy tasks such as ploughing. Yet they are also known for being gentle, docile, and patient. They are full of strength, courage, and love.

Sadly, many draft horses get used up or find themselves without a home or in need of rescuing. While we hate to think of horses needing to be rescued, it is heartwarming to know that there are people who mirror the draft horse traits- people who are strong, patient, and dedicated to rescuing and saving draft horse breeds.

In the state of Ohio, located within an Amish community, there is a family that has dedicated their lives to saving draft horses. Frog Pond Farm Drafts was established in 2002 by the Gordon family. They are a registered non-profit charity and are committed to matching the best horse with the best possible home. They are also known for taking in severe rehabilitation and medical cases that others won't.

Tyson is a draft horse that is a perfect example of the type of work to which Frog Pond is committed. He's waiting to meet with his potential home next week and has come a long way. He was hauled to several auctions before landing on a broker lot. Then he was pulled by a private individual, but needed placement. And then he had surgery for a floating coffin bone tip. After much rehabilitation therapy provided by Frog Pond, Tyson has healed and is ready for a new home! 

Frog Pond Farm Drafts came to our attention through recommendations on the Equine Wellness Facebook Page. Hundreds- yes, hundreds!- of Frog Pond supporters wrote in and told us they were "Proud to be a Ponder!"

We chose Frog Pond Farm Drafts as our July rescue organization of the month and we are so glad we did! The current goal of their organization is "to Rescue, Rehabilitate and Rehome the needy draft horses and ponies of our area; educate the community in the plight of “unwanted horse” syndrome, personal responsibility and required care of their equine companions." We think that is a great cause to support!

Two fabulous companies donated to Frog Pond Farm Drafts with us. One was COLDFELX Self-Cooling Cold Therapy. Their products are the future of safe, effective cold-therapy treatment. They also use their Facebook Page to network homeless animals with people.  

The other was NibbleNet, who makes a product called the NibbleNet Hay bag, which is the perfect slow-feeding system for horses. 

Frog Pond Farm Drafts recently became an Equine Wellness Ambassador. 40% of our subscriptions purchased using their promo code will be donated to Frog Pond! It's a great way to donate- you help rescue horses AND you get magazines full of natural health information! Just enter code EWA017 when entering your payment info:

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