Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Saved by Beauty

Sometimes we rescue horses, but oftentimes they rescue us.

After Theresa Batchelor underwent surgery to remove a tumor that had been growing in her spinal cord, she was left with no feeling below her neck. She gained back the use of her limbs through extensive therapy, but was told that she had to give up her passion for horseback riding.

When Theresa heard about a young Arabian mare that had been seized by the county due to neglect and abuse, Theresa knew she could build a supportive bond by rescuing the horse. One of the Four Pillars of Equine Wellness is Active Lifestyle, which highlights the importance of building a positive bond between human and horse. Theresa's story shows just how important and rewarding that bond can be.

Theresa named the traumatized mare "Beauty," and had to train her from the ground up. Beauty was afraid of all people, but Theresa's kindness and persistence allowed her to foster a bond with Beauty like none other. Theresa's limbs would sometimes tremble due to nerve damage, but that didn't inhibit Beauty's training. She taught Beauty special voice commands and worked to build a bond of trust.

Through Beauty, Theresa regained her passion for horseback riding, and was also inspired to start an equine rescue organization, which is called "Beauty's Haven Farm and Equine Rescue."

The mission of Beauty's Haven is to rescue horses from auctions and kill buyers. Beauty's Haven networks with other rescue organizations in Canada, Mexico, and throughout the United States in an effort to end horse slaughter and to educate others about this inhumane practice.

Beauty's Haven takes in all kinds of horses, including ones that have been abused and have medical conditions or injuries. Last year, they rescued an injured, blind mare named Spirit. Beauty's Haven cleaned her up and she was adopted into a home that had another blind mare.

Spirit and friend at her new home.

Rescue organizations like Beauty's Haven teach us that through compassion and friendship both horses and humans can overcome the hardships they've been handed in life.

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Thank you to these wonderful companies for donating to Beauty's Haven with us. Great companies doing good things to help horses!

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